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Healing Arts Yoga is a fully equipped yoga studio providing a clean, spacious, quiet environment for practice. The studio was built with an insulated wood floor for comfort and a yoga wall to encourage good alignment and to support inverted and standing postures. Healing Arts Yoga provides standard yoga props such as mats, blankets, blocks, straps, and bolsters for use in the studio.

Just bring your willingness to practice!

What is Yoga?
Yoga unites, “yokes”, the mind, body and breath in re-establishing an integrated awareness of our wholeness as human beings.
Yoga traditionally is an ashtanga, or “eight-limbed”, approach to wake up the body with mindfulness channeled through the nervous
system. Yoga postures called “asanas” are one limb of yoga.

Hatha yoga, often referred to as “yoga of the will”, harmonizes or balances seemingly separate states. Each asana or posture
incorporates action and relaxation, strength and surrender, movement and rest, and expansiveness and release.

The Benefits of Yoga
Yoga relaxes the body and the mind through the asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work) and dharana (concentration). The worries of the day are put in perspective, and the tensions those worries create are released. By releasing the tensions, we reclaim
the energy that has been used to hold those stresses.

We release the chest and diaphragm to deepen the breath; we stretch the muscles to move out the toxins; we strengthen the
muscles to work the body more efficiently; and we clear the mind to provide focus and concentration.

Thus yoga is a method of releasing, channeling and enhancing energy—life energy!

Yoga relaxes the body and mind,
Increases flexibility,
Improves posture and balance,
Relieves pain,
Strengthens and tones musculature,
Stimulates circulation, and
Boosts energy.

Yoga Wall
The Yoga Wall offers a system of ropes and straps to safely support the body in proper alignment, deeper stretches and longer
holds. Explore variations of classic poses including inversions, twists, forward and backward bends, seated and standing postures.
Less flexible students welcome the restorative and therapeutic effects of the Wall, while athletes and more flexible students
appreciate deepening the poses.

Come and be amazed at what you can do!