Gentle Yoga
Building from the earth up, from the inside out—in this earthy class explore how the systems of the body, especially the organs, inform and support our movements and ways of being. Gently play with postures, balance, mindfulness, breath, attention, reflection, gratitude and kindness. This class is for all levels and taught from the EmbodiYoga development perspective.

Gentle Yoga (Props and Poses) with Donna
Yoga with attention and curiosity about the body, the mind and the breath. Acquire a sense of the basic and classic yoga postures and adapt these with blocks, straps, blankets and balls to facilitate improved posture, balance and mobility in your own body. Make the yoga practice your practice for your body, mind and spirit.

Simple Stretch with Julia
Reset your day or just come to enjoy the invigoration that arises from simply stretching. Engage in relaxed, gentle stretches that unwind tight muscles and soften and open stiff joints. Leave this class feeling refreshed and energized.

Keep It Simple with Jackie
Explore the asanas for simplicity and ease of movement in a basic to basics approach. Examine the details of the pose, exploring and adjusting for the alignment that brings expansiveness, balance and flexibility

Beginner/Level 1 Yoga with Donna or Julia
Honor your body and bring peace, balance and harmony to your mind, body, heart and soul. Begin with a soft breathing practice or centering meditation and from there explore comfortable Hathaway yoga stretches, easy flows, therapeutic movements and restorative postures. Strengthen your sense of alignment, balance and confidence. All ages and body types welcome!

Intermediate/Level 2 Yoga Yoga with Donna
Reach for a little more in your body, breath and movement as you refine and deepen your yoga practice while honoring your body and its nuances. This class moves more mindfully into and out of traditional poses, enhances the poses with subtle variations and moves through attention, awareness, accepting, embracing and releasing to make the yoga your own.


Mastering Basic Yoga Poses with Julia

This class focuses on yoga’s basic foundational poses.  For beginners, gaining confidence and facility with these poses will help develop a safe and enjoyable practice.  For more seasoned practitioners, this class offers a deepened exploration of asana as living, ever-changing experience.  All are welcome!

Speciality Classes

Flow Yoga Class 

Learn to take your body and mind into a pose and maintain the stillness of the pose. Then prepare the body, the breath and the mind for approaching and establishing the next pose. Use these flow classes to improve your balance, your breath, your rootedness, your flexibility and your range of motion. These classes are suitable for all yoga skill levels. Students must be able to get up from and down to the ground without assistance.

Partner Yoga for Friends

Bring a partner or join as a partner.  Work with the push and pull of another body for alignment, extension, and relaxation.  This is a fun class as you learn to “partner”– to complement and balance with another.

Yoga Kurunta (Rope Wall Yoga)

“Kurunta” means “puppet”.  So like a puppet on a string, you enhance your movements and increase flexibility using the wall and the ropes to create both traditional asanas (poses) and new asanas!