Healing Arts Yoga
4222 Old William Penn Highway, Murrysville, PA  15668                                                   (724) 327-0025
NOTE:  Passes may be used to attend any yoga class.  Passes may
not be transferred to another student and are non-refundable.  
10-Class Passes are valid for 30 weeks (or three 10-week
sessions).  10-Class Passes expire after 30 weeks.
Level 1 Yoga
Learn the language of yoga and beginning breath and relaxation techniques as well as the importance of alignment in
working the body efficiently in
basic yoga asanas (postures).

Level 2 Yoga
Work with more advanced asanas, pranayama (breath) and restorative techniques as you continue your education and
deepen your practice of yoga.

Gentle Yoga
Move at a slow and easy pace, working gently with postures, breath and relaxation.  This class welcomes the timid, tired
and stiff.

Keeping Yoga Simple
Explore the asanas for simplicity and ease of movement in a back to basics approach.  Examine the details of the pose,
exploring and adjusting for the alignment that brings expansiveness, balance and flexibility.

Strength and Flexibility for Those of Us Over 50
Explore ways to address the physical challenges of aging-- such as aching knees, stiff hips, problems with reaching and
bending.  Grow your confidence as you
expand your strength, flexibility and range of movement.

The Noodle/Restorative Yoga
Approach yoga poses in a more effortless way using props such as The Noodle, blankets, straps, bolsters, blocks as well as
the floor and yoga wall as elements of
support.  Practice a range of breath techniques which can bring smoothness and
to your physical and emotional states.

Beginner Yoga- The Basics
Awaken attention and sensation with meditative, rhythmic movement.  For people with willingness to begin yoga or return
to yoga
after some time away.  Learn or remember these ancient practices to good health, relaxation and mindfullness.

Lunchtime Yoga Stretch
Enjoy a lunchtime practice session led by one of our instructors and aimed at providing yoga practice time rather than
specific instruction.  Move slowly and gently with the breath, invigorating the body, mind and spirit. (1-hour class)
Regular Yoga Classes
10-Class Pass (1.25-hour class) – $120
Month Unlimited Classes – $99

Drop-in fee for 1.25-hour class - $15/class

Private Yoga Sessions

Pod Sessions

Class Fee is $60 for a series of 4 Monday or Wednesday

Pre-Registration Required.