Swedish Massage is a soothing, relaxing massage using long, smooth strokes
and kneading strokes to drain muscle tension.

Deep Tissue Massage is a deep massage targeted to relieve muscle pain and
ache by applying pressure to trigger points in the body.

Pregnancy Massage is therapeutic bodywork, performed in the 2nd and 3rd
trimesters of the pregnancy, focusing on the special needs of the mother-to-be
as her body goes through the dramatic changes of the childbirth experience.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy/Ashi Thai Therapy is an ancient form of bodywork
using deep compression from the therapist’s feet to provide deep relaxation and
stimulate the body’s lymphatic system.  (60-, 75- and 90- minute sessions)

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese massage that stimulates specific reflex points
on the feet, hands and ears to release stagnation of energy in targeted areas of
the body.

Reiki is used for stress reduction and relaxation.  Like acupuncture and acupressure,
Reiki aids the flow of “Ki” or life energy treating the body, the emotions, the mind
and the spirit.  It may be used in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic
techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Manual Lymph Drainage is a noninvasive hands-on technique to promote and
sustain proper functioning of the body’s lymph system.  This technique helps reduce
edemas (swelling) and lymphedema, detoxifies the body, regenerates tissues
(e.g. from burns and scarring), relieves chronic inflammation and stimulates the
immune system.

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a method of muscle lengthening that
effectively stretches major muscle groups.  Using AIS, the massage therapist
stretches a specific group of muscles as far as the body allows, then adding gentle
pressure/assistance to take the stretch slightly farther, for no longer than two
seconds.  This stretching action improves circulation and increases joint elasticity,
allowing the body to repair itself.

Tui Na is a form of Chinese manipulative therapy that uses Taoist principles in an effort to
bring the eight principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine into balance.  In a Tui Na session,
the practitioner may use rolling, pressing, rubbing, or shaking techniques that may be quite
firm or gentle.  Tui Na is known as an effective treatment of both acute and chronic
musculosketelal conditions.

Specialized Services

Hot Stone Massage is a powerful massage using heated stones to bring relief to
sore/stiff muscles, release tension and balance the body’s flow of energy.
    60-minute session.....$88
    90-minute session.....$127

Bamboo Fusion
provides deep tissue bodywork for relaxation and well-being, relief
for tight sore muscles, and stimulation of the body's energies.  This work uses
warmed bamboo sticks as an extension of the therapist's hands and is done on the
massage table as a full body massage or as part of a full body massage.
    Full Body Massage with Bamboo Fusion
    60-minute session.....$88
    Full Body Bamboo Fusion
    90-minute session.....$127

is a form of Japanese acupressure derived from traditional Chinese medicine.  In a
session, the practitioner applies compressive pressure along the body's meridians to balance
the energy of the whole body.  Shiatsu is applied over loose, comfortable clothing, with the
receiver laying (and/or sitting) on a Shiatsu mat.
90-minute session.....$89
Series Cards

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(5) 1 Hour Massages            $3
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30-minute session        $42
45-minute session        $5
60-minute session        $71
75-minute session        $86
90-minute session        $106
Pricing effective April 1, 2019