Donna Beadle
Healing Arts Yoga
4222 Old William Penn Highway, Murrysville, PA  15668                                                   (724) 327-0025
Jackie's yoga focus is on the details--the small movements, adjustments, placements--that develop the
pose and its power for the individual while respecting the body's specific restrictions and needs.  A
nationally recognized resource in both injury prevention and rehabilitation for musicians, Jackie brings a
wealth of knowledge of the body and teaching experience with her to the yoga mat.

Work in other somatic modalities of Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method along with her
personal 10-year yoga practice have helped Jackie develop an astute sense of the body and its
possibilities for both movement and ease--whether at an instrument or on the yoga mat.  It is the thrill
of discovery, connection and understanding in her own body that keeps her teaching.  Jackie is certified
through Yoga Alliance and trained with 3rd Street and Schoolhouse Yoga Studios.

Connections between the yoga mat and the music field are not always readily apparent, but Jackie enjoys
bridging the two worlds--offering a metronome beat in yoga class to enhance a breath pattern and
teaching a simple hand flow to alleviate computer-related pain.  At the same time she brings her yoga
expertise to musicians via published articles on body alignment, stretch sessions at national conferences
and downloadable movement videos targeting problematic tightness in most musicians.

Come experience a class with Jackie--based on fundamentals where simple is not always easy and easy
is not always simple!
Jackie Herbein
Donna has been practicing yoga a long, long time - off and on, with drive and with ease, with
attachment to outcome, and hopefully now with willingness and acceptance of the Spirit that moves
us all.

She has guided yoga students for 15+ years and has studied and trained at the Himalayan Institute,
with Paulie Zink doing Yin Yoga, with various Iyengar style teachers, with workshops at Kripalu and
Omega and now is inspired by the yoga teachings of Erik Schiffman and Angela Farmer.

Her personal practice consists of playing with the sensations in the body to discover the pose that her
body most needs at that particular moment.  Sometimes triangles, sometimes forward folds, sometimes
legs up the wall and sometimes corpse.  Her favorite pose depends on the season, her state of mind, the
particulars of the day and who knows what!

Donna likes the quiet that yoga can produce and the energy that it generates - feelings of both
relaxation and motivation.  As she approaches her "wise woman" years (lovingly referred to as the
"crone" years) she looks for more quietness in her practice, more attention to the nuances that make
the pose more fulfilling for the whole.  In yoga she finds her awakening, her willingness and her peace
and balance - even as life continues to offer "opportunities" to remember and to come back to the
center, to lovingkindness, to balance.

Join the search for Your Pose, Your Practice, Your Peace!
Julia Sawyer
Julia brings to her practice and her teaching of yoga the desire to help students more fully engage with
their life endeavors with curiosity, compassion and a sense of ease in meeting challenges and realizing
their gifts.

Using traditional asana, she invites students to experience the unique qualities of all the body's systems
related to bone, muscle, organs and fluids and to explore these as vehicles for integrating the whole self.
Finding unity of these systems within the body supports healthy relationships to the body, the mind, the
spirit, and extends this unity to others and to the world around us.

Julia's favorite yoga practice is Pranayama which she views as the vehicle for "opening".  Breathing
functions to open and release, to feel the independence of each joint and then to experience the ability of
the joints to interact and create balance in the body.  Julia loves pyramid pose and spirals/twists and
works to have students feel the work from the inside out.

Julia is a graduate of EmbodiYoga and is a 200RYT teacher registered through Yoga Alliance.  She
continues her training through the EmbodiYoga 500-hr Yoga Teacher Training program.

Come and breathe your way into your favorite pose with Julia.
Rosslyn's approach to her personal practice and her teaching of yoga is to empower, break samskaras
(patterns) and trust intuition.  She is inspired by traditional yoga practices and philosophies.  Have a
question about the roots of yoga, the limbs of yoga or the energetic and emotional values of asana?  
See Rosslyn!

With these roots, she sets a tone of curious self-study and soulful exploration.  She motivates students
to harness the power of their breath and rid themselves of distractions.  Her focus is on subtle body
language, energy level and breathing technique, and she teaches and encourages that same attention in
her students.

In addition to various continuing education workshops and immersions over the past 5 years, Rosslyn has
completed 200-hour teacher trainings through both Moonglow Yoga and FLY Yoga School.  Rosslyn
specializes in private instruction, combining life coaching, therapeutic yoga techniques and energy healing
to help students reconnect with their soul.

Within her own practice and for that of her students, she encourages attentiveness, self-inquiry and
curiosity towards every sensation, thought pattern and emotion, knowing that all are intertwined.  Her
favorite postures vary day-to-day, but due to her "windy" energy (vata nature), she often finds support
through static, grounding and yin postures.  Rosslyn regularly incorporates and practices sadhana and
all five types of yoga practices to facilitate evolution within her own practice and along with her students.

Join Rosslyn to break free from habit and discover new patterns that serve you.
Rosslyn Kemerer
Lianna Ankney
Moving from within, Lianna Ankney has been uncovering yoga for the past 7+ years.  During the winter of
2016, she attended FLY Yoga School on Martha's Vineyard for her 200-hour yoga teacher training under the
loving and insightful care of Sherry Sidoti.  Following her intuition, Lianna has discovered that part of her
life's work is to share the path of yoga with others.

She teaches a slow-flow class accessible and open to everyone.  Seeing that all beings are mode of love and on
a journey of the self, through the self, to the self, Lianna teaches with heart, truth, and devotion.  Yoga is a
practice needed in all aspects of life, and Lianna aims to share this in and throughout her classes.  

When yoga asana found Liana in 2011, music also came into her life.  As a singer and songwriter, Lianna from
time to time infuses her classes with chanting and live music.  Her path is to teach yoga and play music, so
Lianna brings them to life together!
Kim O'Donnell
Kim has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and earned her 200 RYT in Hatha Yoga, under Felicia Lane
Savage of Yoga Roots on Location.  Her training and background include a study and practice of the eight
limbs of yoga through a balanced lens respecting race, gender and cultural differences.  Kim is learned in
trauma informed care and the spirit of motivational interviewing.  

She believes that everyone can do yoga, as yoga meets people where they are in their lives and in their bodies.